How to Angry Customer

  • Example of How to Make Customer Happy course.
  • The course was created with Microlearning theory – course as a whole is divided into a number of short units (such as this example) that can be read in few minutes.
  • E-learning course is created through the “ Mobile first ” approach.
  • Individual touch icons – their size, location, and so-called touch zones are created with regard to finger control on mobile devices
  • The size of the e-learning will adjust to the size of the display on which the course is being used
  • With the simple progress bar , the participant keeps an eye on the progress of his / her study
  • Results from sub-course (or study itself) can be used to calculate the results for the entire course and recorded in the LMS

  • Type: Example of an e-learning course
  • Technology: Articulate Storyline 2, HTML5, CSS, Corel Draw

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