A system suited exactly to your needs

I have been dealing with e-learning and online education for many years. Therefore, I understand the quality requirements of an e-learning system and the obstacles connected to its design and creation.

When creating a simple e-learning system that allows basic administration of a small number of courses, I usually rely on the editorial tool WordPress.

I understand the quality requirements of an e-learning system and the obstacles connected to its design and creation.

When creating more complex projects, I rely on LMS Moodle that is globally used for support of online education in academic and corporate spheres. This system features advanced tools for administration and management of education, therefore, it is suitable for a full e-learning agenda.

This system combines various tools for communication and studio management (discussion rooms, forums, register of students and their grades, awarding of certificates, etc.) as well as tools with which you can create study materials yourself and make them accessible for students. It truly is a comprehensive system, so you need to get acquainted with it at first. However, you will not regret the invested time as soon as you discover its possibilities and benefits of online education management.

Více o Moodle se dozvíte zde.


Moodle is a full e-learning system for creating, managing and distributing of e-learning courses. It is the most globally used system for administrating education which is accompanied by an active community of developers. The system can be extended by more than 1500 freely available plugins.

It features a variety of tools for organization and administration of studies. It allows its users to create e-learning courses and study materials. At the same time, it does not require advanced computer literacy of its users. To administer this environment, you need an ordinary computer and an internet browser.


If your web pages function on the WordPress system, it is possible to extend its functionality by providing e-learning courses via LearnDash plugin with which I have very positive experience.

Learndash offers simple and intuitive solution suitable especially for clients who are happy with basic functionalities of LMS and who want to add e-learning support to their current web pages.

It features easy administration, well-arranged organisation, basic reports on schooling and statistics.


The price of creating an e-learning system ranges from 1 100 €.

The exact calculation is always dependent on complicatedness of graphic design, required functionalities and technical solution. To get an accurate calculation, do not hesitate to contact me.